outlast atlas

“Outlast The Atlas”

written by Innocenzo LaRocca



Outlast The Atlas..

out of your skin

poetry of coming worlds and forgotten

In this letter there is no sadness, no mercy, no regret, no memory

earths land we lived is distant from all it was supposed to be

it will shape itself without us

in time we will be a memory, its non mind will think of

as simple, brittle frames, weak digits we reach

we are humans, growing only as we can see

misfortune of our instinct to need to progress

ignorance to deny our guilt’s in life seeping of our conscious

we came as small numbers hosting small families

tilling land by hand, writing philosophies

destined to explore and teach our youth to

be thankful for life and how sharing is simple to do

only two enemies ever existed in our time

an unrested curious mind unsatisfied with simple life

and the deep earth in space we are of

which runs in cycles placing and taking its inhabiting life from

time is not promised, and thinking of time is stress

the world is a venture to explore, eat, dream, think we are blessed

there’s room for all our families, and room to move, and keep friends

until we fill spaces with greed, secrets, pushing humanity over the ledge

clothes are what we all wear to add to our blood and skin

styles, cultures, gods, nationalities, rules, laws, are what we add to our innocence

they all have changed and evolved in detail through histories seam

they seep from our gut as we use them as war and differences to speak

conversation is only conversation it goes two ways

one persons feelings in exchange for another’s for that day

a compromise is made from balance sacrifice

and tomorrow we are friends with new understandings in life

there’s no reason to hate conversation right

to open your eyes..

 sand scattered across the landscape, solid were rocks, varied in size,

they seemed to work on their own and create shapes that astound and boggle our minds,

mountains and valleys, pits and holes,

some sharp as daggers, some soft, some form shelter, some grow and erode

they are earths incredible beautiful landscapes, across and of what makes our continents,

which we map our roads and buildings and upon which we live,

they give us shade, protect us from the great oceans, they are textures we stand and can draw upon,

minerals and necessities we seem to dwell upon,

indeed earths land, rock, sand, its a solid wonderland,

and something to be thankful for, for we have a place to stand

 waters, are fresh, salty, hot and cold, clear and murky

these currents lay still, others rip apart rocks, shape lands

help us travel, wash us off, and quench are thirst

they are mirrors at times for our reflections, they are the essential elements of life,

for without much of what we call life, we would never have held a possibility of growth nor direction

waters refreshing texture is truly something to be thankful for

wind whispers, freezes, heats, moves and pushes around everything,  it allows our flags to flare, our boats to sail, our laundry to dry, our sweat to cool,

and pushes the clouds out of the blue skies, it is so incredible a force you can not see that exists enough that you can feel it around you

where ever you breathe, it is another element, a piece of earth, that we share, use, and experience everywhere we can be

life, plants, animals, ourselves, grow controlled and balanced, evolve and change, as if they read plans to know how to do what on what day

colorful, magical, essential to food, shade, beauty, comfort, the ecosystem and beyond life plays its parts

we use each other in many ways, we share earth, are of earth, shape, balance and grow from earth.

there is no way up in progress without climbing

remove the rope and stay grounded

remove the operating working society

and watch the roof collapse us all grounded

there are no producers without consumers

raise the prices, and produce the useless.

there is no wealth

when no one else

has money to exchange

people live in selfishness for today

but tomorrow is always less than a day away

in other words the damage you create

waits for you and it will take

a government creates societies machine

if it holds secrets and keeps from the machine

the machine will miss pieces and not run anymore

and the government will have no place anymore

then your eyes close..

under no disguise, under beautiful skies, understanding and never taking for granted behold

are some of earths elements in which kept us alive, inspired, and stayed forever enchanting

but time has come over time, the paragraphs above have gotten shorter, for as us humans took the world,

ignored simple beauty and the essentials in trade for holding materials, glory, and separating ourselves as enemies,

all of which becomes the shortening of our story.

someday, as we all weren’t here once before, we will eventually say goodbye to our stay, and no longer explore

towns will be left broken, skies and clouds will continue to part, oceans will clean off dust, and the wind will walk lonely through the abandoned park

in each humans hand will be jewelry, money, paper, weapons, pictures, toys, wills, beverages, drugs,

and many more things that they believed would keep up

understand, the bag you carry in life, has a hole at the bottom

for the hole is made to remind you that you take nothing physical in life with you, so enjoy the experience around you

the hole is to remind you, that no matter where you walk in life, looking in the bag,

you’ll see earth is what you step upon, earth is what you live and breathe upon,

so don’t hurt it or try to be more than what is, for it is the only stability you can stand on, with enough room for everyone to live

life is made to journey, live, grow, explore, share your stories, and dream of more

riches are humble earnings, simple trade, working hard, and giving thanks

the effort in work, is more valuable than money that only burns

not being rich is a gift for you always have the ability to dream and be inspired by what if

taking time to explore nature, to walk through earths elements, is tranquil to the mind and body,

and reveals peace is something found, within everybody.