Show:            STOMP theatrical (2013)

Writing:          Review

By:                   Innocenzo LaRocca


“Sitting down that evening in the Orpheum Theatre, I hadn’t heard much about ‘STOMP”, even though it was supposedly on Broadway since about 1994, and was an international success which originated back in the UK.  It’s easy to lose track of what is on or off Broadway with the many shows over the years.  Showtime.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Small theatre, sort of decorated like a blend of a garage & junkyard.  It seemed like a kids playground, just perfect for hide & seek. Well, a gang of characters, using body movement, displaying coordination, synchronization, sprinkle in some comedic flare, and energy for over an hour (no breaks), all seemed to work together to create one historic performance of sound.  Art is back and sound is leading the way!  Using everything from garbage cans, Zippo lighters, sticks, tires, tubes, newspapers, matches, toilet plungers, water, sinks, and the list goes on, this incredible performance proved there is always fun, rhythm, dynamics, and sound in everything around us.  It was a loud performance and felt like a great way to relieve any stress too.  No talking, no dialogue, this character assembly created their own world of percussion language, using every day items.  Utterly, truly, amazing in so many ways.”