REVIEW for the film MAMA (2013)

REVIEW for the film MAMA (2013)


Film:               MAMA (2013) PG-13

Writing:          Film Review

By:                   Innocenzo LaRocca


“In the world of terror, the attempts at creating shock value has gone brittle over time.  The use of story content, sound, surroundings, victims, terror scenarios, has been so repetitive.  Horror is definitely not one of the easiest genres to be successful in, let alone original.  Guillermo del Toro, is pretty awesome when creating feelings to movies.  When I watched “MAMA”, I felt it provided a nice calm dark secluded feeling, the scares were simple and stretched out to help add in the creepiness of the atmosphere.  I felt the movie had more potential then most horror, to become a nice campfire story.  But the ending turned this shock value flick into a Tim Burton film, from creepy to cartoon like.  I recommend the few minute short it was rooted from, it is far scarier.  I think horror needs its originality back, where a movie can be referenced to likeness of another. Well see what Hollywood can dream up or pay for next.”