REVIEW for film  SNITCH (2013)

REVIEW for film SNITCH (2013)


Film:               Snitch (2013) PG-13

Writing:          Film Review

By:                   Innocenzo LaRocca


“Based on a true story.  In a relentless effort, risking his own life to save his son, Dwayne Johnson plays his most demanding role yet.  Far from being the energetic, outspoken character we’ve come to love, he is starting to discover what makes an actor.  Snitch, is a movie not so much fast paced, but rather a slow, mediocre action, few gun scene, rushed ending type of flick.  You’re there for the story and finish, not the action.  However, based on the opportunity to take in the emotional tear of life’s situations, Johnson comes through, with a calm tone, the role of being a father and an adversary of the Cartel’s.  There’s more action going on in his head, as he constantly is looking within himself for answers. He is finding himself as an actor in this film, rather then a strong, energetic, comedic flare.”