passenger window

title:  Passenger Window

written by Innocenzo LaRocca



Early this morning, i boarded a plane

 i couldn’t believe all of the person

 i’d be leaving behind

 i couldn’t press any harder

and i couldn’t feel the pressure

a pressed forehead to the glass

this glass,

saturated in an early morning shower


i was already devoured

absent mind, blind of self existence

the receding touch of our fingers,

depths of tears,

hearts in constriction

lost in a book with one page

the final moments last night,

till a whispered goodbye,

then the plane took me away

the outside rain shielded by glass,

humans tears by skin

between, an absent mind lost in a page

truly only breathing then

to cry and watch the world cry back

still, what suppresses love

to allow this to happen

i am a passenger always

until i decide,

to keep this plane grounded

 passenger window.