title:  Drifting

written by:  Innocenzo LaRocca



Drifting, To Marry You

Drifting, without reason, a thought beyond

Begging the rain to fall upon me, and drench my soul

A million eyes watch

Crazy am I, because I choose no more control

                                Dancing in my heart                                  

The questions and ways to tell you what forever means

Does yesterday’s opportunity still exist

Because we’ve been strangers, intimate with new lovers dreams

Restless, because of what ages

Good day to intimacy, promises, physical beauty, clean slates

and that kept behavior

What you should know

I believe love is, after all falls, and still wanting to be your savior

Without and other reason but you

Drifting towards a broken light, arms out across to touch through

A million suns fuel me

Goodbye you bid me, though I remain unchanged to find the way,

to marry you.