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Innocenzo is an aspiring prolific writer, interviewer, artist, director, and founder of his brand, “The Beautiful Evolution.”  “The Beautiful Evolution”, is what everyone and everything in life is.  Art, talent, motive, & character are some of the things that make us beautiful, and how we use it and grow from it, is called our evolution.  He is known for his different shades of writing, which almost seems he’s a different person and mind for each genre, from devising inspirational & philosophical quotes, to conjuring entertaining & mind twisting stories, to writing professionally for talent & brand representation.  He often fuses eclectic content, energetic intros, creative wordplay, and in-depth detail to capture a reader’s interest.     

A former free-hand artist, photographer, & graphic designer, he held “advertising creative” awards, and later recognition producing concepts for entertainment brands.  He later evolved into the writing & film realms.  While sitting off-set of a student film in NY, he was offered a small role, which would lead to future roles in both acting and production.  Over the last few years, he has been fortunate to work for networks such as the CW, A&E, SyFy, MTV, NBC, and several independent features.  Most recently he was part of the Award-Winning Film Festival feature, “A Dangerous Place” (2012).  

There was always a motive to inspire, rather then dwell on any hardships in life.  He saw the use of words as an outlet of energy & imagination, so maintained his efforts as a writer.  In just over 10 years he’s written for magazine’s, online site’s, conducted celebrity interview’s, covered events, written story’s, scripts, and recently became a published author.  This year he put together this website and then launched a YouTube channel “BE TV”, to showcase his interest of on-the-fly camera interviews, event coverage, and writing-producing short film.  

In the future, he hopes to focus on Travel Writing and Inspirational projects.

“Writers are not a constant with time, as much as they are with energy & thought.  Though they are physically here, all of their senses are elsewhere dreaming, creating, interpreting, & discovering life that many do not see.  With every arrangement of words, a new window is open.  Give me a pen, an open sky, and I can write stars.”






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